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The mayor of Riga (1901-1912) George Armitsted with the companion of a life of Sesilej Pihlau the Sculptor - A.Varpa. At opening ceremony on August, 18th, 2006 there was Its Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Rodni Redklifa and Eugene Gomberg Rige's donation

Memorial sign to marquis Filippo де Pauluchchi (1779-1849), to governor general Vidzeme and Kurzeme (1812-1829). the Copy is established in Vermansky park in 2003. Eugene Gomberg Rige's gift


Sculpture “the Gold knight” (artesian well) Authors: architect Wilhelm Nejmanis, sculptor Avgust Foltss. The original is established in 1897. The copy is made in 2005. It is established in a building court yard about street Valnju, 3. Sculptors: Ivar Feldbergs, Edvin Kruminsh. The customer: Eugene Gomberg

George Armitsteda's bust, is established at a building about street Strelnieku, 4а in 2007.

The sculptor - A.Varpa. Eugeni Gomberga Rige's donation

Copy of a sculpture of Lachplesisa, make in 1922. The author: Rihard Mavrs the Sculptor - Edvin Kruminsh (it is made in 2004). The customer: Eugene Gomberg. Riga is established in 2007 in a niche of a building of the Diet about street Ekaba, 11,

general prince Michael Barclay de Tolli, 1761-1818 Sculptor Wilhelm Vandshnajder, Berlin. It is opened on October, 13th, 1913. The bronze sculpture has disappeared during the Second World War. It is restored in 2002 and it is established on the Esplanade. Sculptors: Alexey Murzin and Ivan Korneyev, founder Denis Gochichaev (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Eugene Gomberga Rige's donation

Peter I Original's sculpture: the sculptor G.Shmit-Kasel, it is opened on July, 4th, 1910.

It is renewed in 2001 on Eugene Gomberga's means. The property of the Riga thought. Now it is free of charge stored in protected territory of Open Company "Teikas nami" Brivibas alley, 223, Riga
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Brivibas alley 223
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